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Favourite Contestant On Masterchef AU? (Season 11)
Favourite Contestant On Masterchef AU? (Season 11)
Favourite Contestant On Masterchef AU? (Season 11)
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Sangeeta Dagar
Sangeeta Dagar
2 years ago

Please re-upload episode 24not able to view it.

2 years ago

Masterchef Australia is still the best Masterchef series out there, by a huge margin. Wish they did the show at the same scale and style in other places too. If you compare to Masterchef USA, it’s like night and day. Masterchef USA is mostly about manufactured drama and animosity between the contestants. I think that they think that their audience can’t like the show unless there’s hostility and overt cut throat competition, when in fact, it is that attitude that makes the show very mediocre. Masterchef Australia, by contrast, fosters comradeship between the contestants, to the point where they are… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Jarno

I agree completely. I stopped watching the merican version ages ago, but love love love love love Australia’s. They eat way cleaner too! If ever I can get out of this bully country with #mangomussolini in charge, Australia’s food is my biggest goal!!!!!! Except the sea bugs LOL

2 years ago

I love the way Taressa , Nicole Larissa they should be top 3

2 years ago

I’m so happy that I can watch my all-time-favourite show here! Fully agree with Jarno. Thank you southhemitv for broadcasting this! Big hugs from Holland.
Ps, you all remember Ben Undermann? He told at a time that he heard from his ‘oma’ (granny) that people in Holland only use pumpkin to feed their cattle…. Maybe it was 50 years ago, but we love eating pumpkin ourselfs for ages….. lol