Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I wanted to watch a video but it appears to be down/not working?

Please leave a comment/message. We will try our best to correct the issue.

Is it possible to download videos?

At the moment this is not possible. However it is possible to watch SouthHemiTV on a TV by using a laptop/tablet with a hdmi output. Just connect the device to the TV via a hdmi cable.
Some smart TVs have browsers which allow you to visit SHVideos.

When i play a video there is no sound/audio?

This can be caused by certain browsers disabling audio by default. Changing to a different web browser is a quick solution to the issue. 
Alternatively with Chrome (desktop version) click on the padlock in the address bar > Site Settings. Scroll down to “Audio” and select “allow” (This only has to be done one time).

Is this site trustworthy/safe?

Yes this site is 100% safe. We respect the privacy of users and wish to provide a comfortable and trouble-free viewing experience. If you have any further questions regarding this please do ask.

Can I create an avatar (add my photo) for the comment section?

Yes you can. You will first need to create an account with Any avitar you created can be used with this site and many other sites.

Do you have any plans to post previous seasons of my favourite show?

If there is demand for a particular show then we will definitely look into it