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Season 6

Australia’s most controversial social experiment is back. Can 20 singles meeting and marrying at first sight find their happily ever after?

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Aikku from Finland
Aikku from Finland
3 years ago

All the episodes???

Ilda wright
Ilda wright
3 years ago

Why are all the episodes not available? Just watched episode 31, now what?? Do you have to subscribe to something for it to show the rest of them?!

Mariane Murray
Mariane Murray
3 years ago

UGH, these SELF absorbed women and men are SO ANNOYING to watch. They DO NOT make for good TV. I tried; too obnoxious.

Paul Nomis
Paul Nomis
3 years ago

Where is season 1, 2 and 3?

3 years ago
Reply to  Paul Nomis

Was looking for them also

3 years ago

I’m so disappointment in the last episode, like okay yes the drama with the idiots bitches that took this as a dating pool instead of what it was for marriage. I really wanted to see after the dinner party for Ning and Mark to set on the couch and see if they can take it further because they did so good in working with each other. She finally fell in love with him and if Jessica wasn’t such a tramp and ruining others happiness for her own, they probably would of made it. I think that they would of entangled… Read more »

susan berridge
susan berridge
3 years ago

the music is really off putting just when you want to hear what someone is about to say, it gets really loud and you miss it….not good.

3 years ago

I loved Sarah and telv they were so suited

3 years ago

Best season ever