Project Runway NZ – Episode 12

Project Runway NZ – Episode 12
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From 14 designers has we have now reached the final 3. For their next challenge there is a  budget of $2000 and a 2 week period to come up with a look thatt embodies the designers’ aesthetic

First Broadcast: Mon Dec 17, 2018

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Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
3 years ago

I’m so disappointed in the outcome. I think Benjamin’s clothing and lack of color palette were so boring and uninspired. I mean, who buys diarrhea brown?! No women I know! A dime a dozen and his “better than” attitude was polarizing as well. I simply cannot stand unfinished raw seams in any garment. I call that rags, not clothing fit to be worn. The other gentleman had much more artistic and exciting design work as well as impeccable sewing and tailoring skills. He had an imagination, Ben did not. Most women don’t like a million strappy ruffles either, especially in… Read more »

Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper
29 days ago
Reply to  Ann McDonald

Just finished binge watching the whole series and thought Benjamin thoroughly deserved this. He was very indifferent but it’s his design skills not his personality that is being judged. Thought the colours were very marketable and wanted to express my opinion against this negative feedback from Ann. Neutral colours sell and with bright accessories you have a great foundation to work with. He was the most consistent designer bringing his A game to every challenge not just the final. Jess and Kerry’s pieces were amazing but all my woman friends agreed with me that Benjamin’s work was incredible. So pleased… Read more »

2 years ago

I WOULD NOT want my family waiting back stage for me. Especially if I lost.