Season 2

Reality dating show based on the British series. Last couple remaining win $100,000. Presented by Sophie Monk.

On the first day the Islanders couple up based on first impressions. Later come moments where they must choose to remain in their current couple or change.

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Season 2 - Episode List

Love Island AU - Episode 1
Love Island AU - Episode 2
Love Island AU - Episode 3
Love Island AU - Episode 4
Love Island AU - Episode 5
Love Island AU - Episode 6
Love Island AU - Episode 7
Love Island AU - Episode 8

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Vote for your favourite Islander!
Vote for your favourite Islander!
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3 years ago

Woa, the most boring couple in the show that didn’t even make it is in the top three choices on this poll. That blows my mind.

1 year ago

Adam is adorable. He proves the old adage that “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. He looks like he’d be a heartless jerk, and he is the kindest most genuine guy in reality TV.