Season 9

Delta Goodrem, Boy George, Kelly Rowland and Guy Sebastian are hungrier than ever to claim the winning Coach crown and aren’t holding back on their mission to turn one highly talented artist into The Voice of Australia.

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Season 9 - Episode List

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Episode 9
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Episode 21 - Grand Finale
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Favourite Voice Contestant 2020?
Favourite Voice Contestant 2020?
Favourite Voice Contestant 2020?

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6 months ago

Somehow nobody really caught my interest on the first 3 episodes. Some voices nicer than others but overall forgettable for me.

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
5 months ago
Reply to  Mary

I think the only good coach who doesn’t cheat is George!

5 months ago

I can not get any of the battle episodes..

5 months ago

Johny Manuel. Best vocalist bar none!

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
5 months ago

Are ther rules on this show or not? Someone decide. I’m done, taking this trainwreck season off. First Kelly last season, now Guy and Delta this season,

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